Amplify Your Voice: A Guide to Cross-Platform Podcast

Discover how to transform a single podcast episode into a content goldmine in this e-book by Danish digital pioneer Jesper Conrad. 

Jesper will guide you through repurposing your podcast into over 20 engaging social media posts, including Facebook Reels, Instagram posts, YouTube Shorts, blog articles, and newsletters. 

Learn the strategies to amplify your message, captivate a wider audience, and efficiently leverage your content across multiple platforms for maximum impact.

Yes! I Want Your Book
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  • True Nomad Communications

    “Jesper Conrad has been an invaluable asset as my International Marketing Director.

    His expertise in building and managing my digital platforms – from websites to online courses and email automation – has significantly amplified my outreach.

    Jesper combines technical proficiency with a deep understanding of my mission, which made him an integral part of my team.

    His contributions have been essential in helping me connect with and inspire a global audience.”

    NY Times Bestselling Author and Transformational Leader,

YES! I want the book!

Voices from the Organizations and People I Support

True Nomad Communications
Karen bro - Institute Director, Psychotherapeutic Training Center Copenhagen

“Jesper Conrad is authentic and reliable. He focuses on my real needs rather than trying to sell solutions. Jesper has a unique ability to assess whether I can handle tasks myself, or if he can teach me what's necessary, so we can together minimize my costs. For more than 8 years, Jesper has been an invaluable help with everything from building websites, creating newsletters, to setting up Google Ads and Facebook campaigns. His expertise is worth every penny, and that's why he has been my preferred Tech Guy all these years.”

Institute Director, Psychotherapeutic Training Center Copenhagen