Jesper Conrad

We have been traveling full time since 2018. When we are to put a label on ourselves - then we are a family of: Unschooling, vegan, full time traveling, Digital Nomads - In real life, we are of course so much more ...

Our lifestyle has made it possible for me to only devote my time to projects that have a positive impact on the world. I have clients from all over the world and the work I do help people to:

* fall in love with animals
* stay safe in traffic
* create a sustainable future
* find their passions
* fight prejudice
* fight alcoholism
* learning to express themselves through music.

Since starting out as a journalist I have now worked professionally with the Internet since 1998. I have held leading positions at the 3 biggest websites in Denmark (, and

Alongside my career, I have taken a Bachelor of Commerce, which has helped me combine my practical experience with a deeper business understanding and to become a better leader.

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NGOs I have helped!

Rådet for Sikker Trafik

Digital Consultant

I help the National Danish Road Safety Council with their digital strategy. It is my old day job and a wonderful place that has a big place in my heart. An NGO with a very meaningful mission.

Human Library

Digital Consultant

International NGO that challenges stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.The Human Library is a place where people are books on loan to readers for a chat.
Mon La Bassa

Digital Consultant

An animal sanctuary where our whole family has lived and helped out as volunteers. I have created their website and helped with their online fundraising strategy. 
Alkohol og Samfund

Digital Consultant

Danish NGO whose mission is mission is to change the alcohol culture so that fewer people get alcohol-related injuries and more people with alcohol problems get help. 

Gaia Education

Former Interim CEO and Marketing Director

Gaia Education is an international NGO active in 55 countries on six continents, with a 15-year track record in education for sustainable development and regeneration, 


Digital Marketing Consultant

ECOLISE is a coalition of organisations engaged in promoting and supporting local communities across Europe in their efforts to build pathways to a sustainable future.

Equinoterapia SMA

Marketing & AI Consultant

Through Equine therapy they provide a safe and nurturing environment to inspire confidence, independence and well-being in children with a wide range of physical, cognitive and emotional challenges

Communities for Future

Digital Marketing Consultant

Communities for Future: Catalysing a citizen-led transformation in Europe and beyond Communities for Future (CfF) aims to mainstream community-led action on climate change and sustainability.

Full time traveling
since 2018

Here we are together with the big red bus that gave us the courage to start traveling the world full time. The picture is from 2018, the kids have grown and the world now seems both smaller and bigger. Smaller in distance, bigger in adventures.

Now the bus on it next adventure at the animal sanctuary SpainMon La Bassa in spain, where we have enjoyed a homebase for mulitple years. The bus stays - a new life for it - and we keep traveling in our new van!

Our travels continue, we are nomads, staying places for weeks to months, seeking new adventures, sharing the world, We love to travel and love to return, to friends and places.