Let me help you with your Content Creation for your Social Media Channels & Newsletters

Do you also end up scratching your head when it comes to content creation? I know how that feels.

I have been working in online marketing for 20+ years, and I have heard many different online marketing strategies during my time. What I know now, after all my years in the business, is that in the end it all comes down to content.

If you aren't producing and sharing regular content, then you aren't top of mind for your followers, and then your followers end up only hearing from you when you have a new course or a new product you want to sell.

That is not how you build up a great relationship with your future clients.

You need to be present and provide value for your followers. You need to make them want more from you, so they are ready for when you bring that 'more' to them in the form of a new course.

And I am here to help you with doing just that.

Looking forward to helping you!


Jesper Conrad


Do you have time to create the following on a daily basis?

  • 1 Facebook post
  • 1 Facebook story
  • 1 Instagram posts
  • 1 Instagram reels
  • followed by 5 Instagram stories per day?
  • and what about some TikTok videos on top of that?

My guess is a clear no!

And even if you have, is it then the best use of your time?

Again I hear the universe say a clear NO. You should focus on what you are best at, and then you should let us help you with the rest :)


Maximize Your Content Impact with AI-Enhanced Creation for Social Media and Newsletters

Imagine having more time to be your authentic self while AI handles the heavy lifting of content production. With my AI-enhanced content creation service, you can:

  • Maintain a robust online presence with less effort.
  • Generate daily content for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more without the time crunch.
  • Focus on your strengths, leaving the content creation to us.

The secret to good content - Reformatting your earlier work!

Our approach respects your unique voice. I will built an AI trained on your existing work, ensuring authenticity and relevance in every post.聽

With the Special trained AI, I can find the best qoutes from podcasts you have appeared on, blogposts from your website etc.

To say it in non-techy-terms: You can say goodbye to the impersonal touch of ghostwriters and hello to content that's 100% you, amplified by AI.


How does it work? -聽Revolutionize Your Content with AI: Customized, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Our unique approach harnesses AI to transform your past work into fresh, engaging content. We train AI to analyze your previous interviews, books, webinars, and more, extracting impactful quotes and insights. This tailored content is then crafted into shareable, social-media-friendly posts and high-quality, short video clips with text overlays.

Wondering about quality control?

Absolutely, you have the final say. We'll provide a Google Document with all proposed content for your approval. Due to the power of AI, our process is streamlined and cost-effective, offering more than traditional editing services at a fraction of the cost.

Your role? Minimal yet crucial.

We begin with initial meetings to set the schedule and agree on branding. Then, you'll approve content bi-weekly, while we handle the rest, ensuring your online presence is both authentic and powerful.

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Want to get started? Book a 25-minutes free discovery call

鉁旓笍 During the conversation, we'll get an overview of the challenges you're facing with your marketing.

鉁旓笍 We'll determine if I can solve your challenges.

鉁旓笍 I'll share my top 3 suggestions for what you can do right now to attract more clients.

鉁旓笍 Just to emphasize - our conversation is 100% non-committal - It's up to you to decide whether you want to continue working with me afterward.

Yes! I want to book a time.
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